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Nachhaltiger Mehrweg-Versand für E-Commerce, B2B und Intralogistik

Vorteile von wiederverwendbaren Verpackungen

  • Abfall und CO₂ verringern

  • Nachhaltige Markenpositionierung stärken

  • Erwartungen der Kund*innen entsprechen

  • Verpackung individuell branden

  • Steigenden Kartonpreisen entgegenwirken

  • Verpackungslizensierung vermeiden

  • Lagerhaltung optimieren

  • Schwere, wertvolle und zerbrechliche Produkte sicher versenden 

  • Teure Inlays und Isolierungsmaterialien wiederverwenden

CO2-Rechner: Einsparpotential von Abfall und Emissionen ermitteln


Rechner: Anzahl der benötigten Versandverpackungen ermitteln


Der erste Schritt zum Angebot für die hey circle Versandlösung

Wir beraten dich gerne zum Einsatz von wiederverwendbaren Versand-Verpackungen in deinem Unternehmen. Bitte erzähl uns etwas zu deinen Anforderungen, damit wir dir schnell und unkompliziert weiterhelfen können (*Pflichtangaben). 

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  • What additional costs arise when using it?
    Our rental fee and the saved cost of the disposable cartons roughly offset each other. However, there are additional costs: For returns handling (inspection, cleaning if necessary, storage). For the empty returns Empty returns are treated by the parcel service providers as goods returns in terms of price. This means that additional costs are incurred, which are correspondingly higher in the case of low return rates. The costs can be reduced by using the merchandise mail or advertising mail for the return of the S and M shipping bags or boxes. You can pass on the additional costs to your customers. 1-2€ are normally very well accepted. 3-4 € will be accepted by sustainable oriented customers.
  • Is this really more sustainable than disposable?
    We were keen to find out exactly and had the Ökopol Institute draw up a life cycle assessment of our packaging. The result: After 10 cycles, our shipping packaging saves CO₂ compared to disposable cardboard. With 50 cycles, approx. 76% of the CO₂ is saved - and 94% waste.
  • How much does it cost to use the hey circle system?
    Please contact us at for a quote. Please specify how many boxes/bags you need per size, so that we can make the offer according to your requirements.
  • How can I integrate the reusable system into my online shop?
    With our cloud platform we offer the possibility to integrate the returnable quickly and easily into the webshop. Currently we have a plugin for WooCommerce, more plugins (Shopify, Shopware, Magento) will during 2023. We are also happy to provide IT consulting.
  • What are the advantages of using hey circle packaging?
    With our boxes and bags you avoid not only waste but also CO₂ emissions, the Ökopol Institute has determined this for us in a life cycle assessment. Other advantages of the system are: Avoiding packaging licensing Counteracting rising cardboard prices Optimize warehousing Positioning your own brand more sustainably Meet customer expectations The boxes/bags: Are robust, lightweight, foldable Come in a total of 8 sizes Allow for 50 circulations Stain resistant and easy to clean Securely closed, with two seal options Your branding can be applied Are recyclable Come in a cool, quality look Quick to set up, stackable, intuitive Customization possible for orders of 3000 or more
  • How does the hey circle reusable system work?
    You offer the sustainable boxes/bags in your webshop to your customers on a voluntary basis. Your warehouse packs the products in the box/bag, sticks an address label on it and encloses a return label. The customers receive the products sustainably packed by parcel service. The customers return the boxes/bags empty and folded or with returned goods to your warehouse - either via the parcel service provider or the bags and boxes XS, S and M also via mailbox. The warehouse receives the boxes/bags back, inspects them (and cleans them if necessary), and re-circulates them. The cleaning of the empty returns can also be handled by us on request.
  • How are the boxes/bags cleaned?
    The boxes are dirt and water repellent. Because the body is closed in both folding stages, no dirt penetrates. If necessary, the packaging can be cleaned with detergents or water. Address label residue can be removed from our label holder label without leaving any residue.
  • Is there a branding option?
    Yes, there is an extra space on the box and the bag for individualization and branding of our customers. This allows the company logo to be displayed in the same way as on the disposable box.
  • What sizes does hey circle offer?
    The boxes are available in the following five sizes: Box XS: 25 x 17.5 x 5 cm Box S: 25 x 17.5 x 8.5 cm Box M: 35 x 25 x 12.5 cm Box L: 45 x 34 x 17.5 cm Box XL: 58 x 39 x 19 cm We offer the bags in three sizes: Shipping bag S: 35 x 25 x 10 cm Shipping bag M: 42 x 30 x 12 cm Shipping bag L: 50 x 35 x 15 cm So almost everything can be shipped with our packaging and much less air shipped.
  • How are the goods protected from theft during shipping?
    The boxes and bags can be secured with taped seals or a seal that is attached to the box through the zipper and an eyelet. A yellow tab with Velcro is used here for orientation and protects the seal during shipping.
  • What are the return rates and is there a deposit system?
    One should make sure, that boxes/bags are returned, as the sustainability of the packaging relies on that. We work with a downstream incentive system as standard: Customers initially receive the box free of charge. If they do not return the box within a certain period, they will be charged for it. Alternatively, a classic deposit can be used. We will be happy to advise you on setting up a deposit system.
  • How is shipping carried out?
    The boxes and bags can be shipped with any German parcel service provider and returns can also be handled through them.
  • How does returns handling work?
    Back in the warehouse of the online retailer, the box is checked and provided again. It is stackable and adapted to pallet dimensions. cleaning effort rarely occurs thanks to its design: no adhesive tape closed body dirt resistant surface light contamination is removed by wiping. We advise on the removal of residues by address stickers or sharpie. In case of heavy soiling or defect, hey circle will replace the box free of charge. We take over the handling of empty returns on request.

FAQ: Fragen rund um die nachhaltige Paket-Alternative

Hier geht es zur hey circle Datenschutzerklärung und zu den AGB.

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