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For Waste-Free Shipping

What does hey circle do?

We were guests on "Die Höhle der Löwen" with hey circle and caused quite a stir. As a startup with a sustainable mission, we were allowed to vie for the hearts – and investments 😉 – of the "lions". If you missed the show, you can find it here in the 📺 Stream. You can read the interview with WirtschaftsWoche 📰 here.

Find out what hey circle does and who is behind the idea here.

hey circle_mehrweg Versandlösungen_Boxen und Taschen

Our Idea for Waste-Free Shipping

E-commerce is booming: German consumers receive more than 4.5 billion packages from online retailers annually. However, the packaging – disposable cardboard boxes and mailer bags – unfortunately generate a lot of waste and CO2 emissions. We ourselves enjoy ordering online but feel guilty when we dispose of the "produced for the trash" packaging.

We believe: There's a better way! That's why we're revolutionizing e-commerce with reusable boxes and bags!

With the hey circle reusable shipping system, we provide a sustainable alternative for retailers and consumers.

hey circle management

  • Doris Diebold is CEO and founder of hey circle. She is originally from Darmstadt, is a mother of two, and studied International Business Administration. She spent a long time in management in the aviation sector before taking matters into her own hands to solve the "Walk of Shame" to the paper bin.
    ➡️ LinkedIn: @doris diebold

  • Morris Kurz is CTO and co-founder of hey circle, and with his background in mathematics and computer science, he is very data-focused. With his passion for sustainability and social impact, he tackles one of the biggest waste problems of our time.
    ➡️ LinkedIn: @morris kurz

  • Rebecca Steinke is COO and co-founder and loves to perfect every detail of logistics and operational processes. This has made her a sought-after expert during her five years at Amazon, but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to make e-commerce more sustainable and to establish reusable shipping as the standard.
    ➡️ LinkedIn: @rebecca steinke


hey circle_Führungsteam_6000x4000_1.jpg
Doris Diebold

About hey circle

  • In May 2022, we launched our foldable, lightweight, and robust boxes and shipping bags on the market, and we now have around 40 customers who use reusable packaging in B2C and B2B shipping as well as in intralogistics.

  • In January 2023, Doris and Morris presented hey circle on "Die Höhle der Löwen," and the episode was aired in October.

  • Environmental consultancy Ökopol has calculated that our reusable solutions can save 94% of waste and 76% of CO2 emissions (scenario for hey circle Box L).

  • As our patented packaging becomes more sustainable with each use, they are designed for 50 cycles, which we achieve with a return rate of 98%.

  • The key to this is our deposit system and a strong IT solution that enables the deposit processing and CO2 tracking of individual packages.

  • The huge potential of our system is demonstrated by customers like Österreichische Post and Drykorn and tests with VIU and Trigema.

  • Furthermore, for maximum acceptance, we work closely with major parcel service providers such as DHL, dpd, GLS, UPS, Hermes, Go, etc.

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hey circle: bayerisches Startup für Mehrwegversand
Dominik und Andrea kümmern sich um den Vertrieb und  die Kommunikation bei hey circle

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