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Make your customers and yourself happy

That's how customers choose reusable packaging in your webshop:

  • Reusable shipping optional

  • Reusable packaging is added to the order in a clearly visible way

  • Information about costs and return period

  • Link to terms and conditions and contract of use

Ein Onlineshop bietet im Check-out direkt die Mehrweg-Versandverpackung von hey circle als umweltschonende Versandmethode an.
Deposit system as an incentive to return goods

The combination of robust, lightweight reusable shipping packaging and a clever IT system gives online retailers a major advantage - and the highest number of returns. The hey circle widget allows webshops to add the reusable option to the checkout. This is backed up by the complete deposit processing by hey circle for the online retailer, including reminders for returning the packaging and invoicing if necessary. Customers only pay the deposit if they do not return the packaging. The system also forms the basis for CO2 tracking and returns in stationary retail.

Plug 'n play

We already offer integration for WooCommerce at the push of a button - other shop systems will follow very soon. Through our well-documented API, we also offer easy integrations for your own implementations. Would you like to know more? Contact us!

  • Checkout experience

  • Tracking of boxes and bags

  • Reminder for return of and invoicing for unreturned boxes and bags

What kind of shop system do you use?

Downstream deposit for as many rounds as possible

Return in time to avoid costs - it's as simple as that

Good for conversion - no additional costs at checkout

Fast turnaround thanks to the return period

98% return rate due to high deposit

hey circle achieves 98% return rate

Less than 98% of boxes and bags are returned by end customers without a downstream deposit system. A low deposit that is payed in advance is not as effective as an incentive to return items.

Example: With a return rate of 70%, only 10 of the initial 100 boxes are still in circulation after 7 rounds.

How does the number of reusable packaging items in circulation change depending on the return rate?

Developing for you:

soon: Tracking of indiviudal boxes and bags

You always know where which box is and how much CO2 and waste it has already saved.

soon: Performance of reusabel shipping solution

How quickly are the boxes returned on average? How much CO2 and waste have I already saved compared to disposable cardboard? We answer this and much more for you on our platform.

soon: Stock optimization

We ensure that you always know how many boxes and bags are currently available and when to order additional packaging.

Do you have questions?

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