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Your hey circle Team

Going to the garbage can was a "walk of shame" for us for a long time.

We didn't want to put up with that.

Reusable packaging works excellently in other areas of life.

Why not in shipping packaging as well?

And so the idea of the hey circle box was born.

What unites us in the team is the desire to create a real impact, to have fun at work and to support each other.

Doris_hey circle_01.jpg
Doris_hey circle_02.jpg

Doris Diebold


  • LinkedIn

My heart beats for my family and for the big wide world. That's why I first got into aviation. The growing desire to create my own impact on a more sustainable world changed my life and laid the foundation for hey circle.

I still like to travel, but usually not as far: e.g. kiting on Lake Garda, hiking in Bavaria or skiing in the Alps.

Doris_hey circle_01.jpg
Doris_hey circle_02.jpg

Rebecca Steinke


  • LinkedIn

I love perfecting every detail of logistics and operational processes. I didn't want to miss the opportunity to make e-commerce more sustainable and the challenge of establishing reusable shipping as the standard.

hey circle_Morris Kurz_CTO.jpg
hey circle_Morris Kurz_CTO_03.jpg

Morris Kurz


  • LinkedIn

Growing quickly through the numerous challenges of a startup and doing something good at the same time - it couldn't be better for me.
I am passionate about solving problems and puzzles, which is why I develop games, do competitive programming and also enjoy playing sports in my free time.

hey circle_Dominik Moers_Business Development.jpg
hey circle_Dominik Moers_Business Development_03_edited.jpg

Dominik Moers

Business Development Manager

  • LinkedIn

On a personal level, my top priorities are nutrition, sports and travel, as well as outdoor adventures. The basic prerequisite for all of this is your own health. What many people don't realize: Healthy people cannot live on a sick earth. Sustainability has become a matter of the heart for me. It is urgently time for a rethink and to establish more resource-saving solutions for everyday life.

"The earth does not need us humans, but we need the earth to (out)live."

hey circle_Andrea Ilsemann_Marketing&PR.jpg
hey circle_Andrea Ilsemann_Marketing&PR_02.jpg

Andrea Ilsemann

Marketing & PR

  • LinkedIn

Let's offer easy to use options for a sustainble life so many partners in crime will join the reuse movement! That's why, together with our hey circle team, I'm establishing the reusable system as the standard in e-commerce. As a studied Egyptologist, communications professional, mom, DIY enthusiast and Korean language student, I always find creative solutions. 

Andreas 1080x1080_3.png
Andreas, Business Development Manager at hey circle

Andreas Reiter

Business Development Manager

  • LinkedIn

As the son of a confectioner in South Tyrol, I learned early on how to build a business and conduct sales. That remains my passion to this day. On the other hand, I regularly cut myself with cardboard while packaging cakes there.

My packing skills have improved, but now the cardboard is a thorn in my side due to the mountains of waste. Therefore, I want to use my talent for speaking with people to start a revolution in the reusable packaging industry.

Chaysen x hey circle.jpg

Chaysen Rathert
Cloud Developer

  • LinkedIn

I'm a software engineer and entrepreneur living in my chosen Portuguese home of Lisbon. I have a clear vision of the future and use technologies to make the world a better place. I also love to surf and experience the freedom of the ocean, drawing my creativity and determination from it. Throughout it all, I'm guided by the words of Nikola Tesla: "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

hey circle_Alisa_Website.jpg
hey circle_Alisa_Website02.jpg

Alisa Schoebel

Finance Manager

  • LinkedIn

I am passionate about sustainability and healthy eating, enjoy sports and walking my dogs extensively every day. In order to continue to enjoy a great nature, I am basically interested in solutions that contribute to the preservation of our environment and also create a positive impact.


That I can work on such a solution with the team of hey circle makes me especially happy.

hey circle_Louise Grotenhöfer_Produktentwicklung&Design.jpg
hey circle_Louise Grotenhöfer_Produktentwicklung&Design_02.jpg
Louise Grotenhöfer​

Product Development & Design

  • LinkedIn

I have always been interested in exciting shapes and visual impressions, no matter where I encounter them.
However, I see good design above all as problem-solving and love to delve into new topics. Finding new ways of thinking in a team and using them to change things is what fascinates me so much about design.

hey circle_Luna_Bürohund.jpg
hey circle_Luna_Bürohund_02.jpg


Feel Good Manager

A team to rub my belly and a balcony to sunbathe have won me over. But mostly I just want to sleep.

Our values


Sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

We align our company accordingly in all aspects.


We are working with enthusiasm and full commitment on our vision of a reuse-system. 


Even when heads are spinning, we like to laugh. We trust each other and enjoy working together.


Within the team and with our partners, we work transparently and at eye level.

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