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We establish reusable packaging as a global standard in eCommerce.

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How it works

Gestapelte türkisfarbene wiederverwendbare Versandboxen in vier Größen

hey circle

rents out boxes & bags to companies
Ein Bildschirm zeigt, wie die Mehrweg-Option im Check-out eines Webshops  integriert ist

In the webshop

the online retailer offers reusable shipping to its customers
Customers receive hey circle boxes and bags via parcel delivery services
Parcel delivery 
is carried out via the known parcel service providers
Reusable shipping bags and reusable shipping boxes fit empty and folded in the Deutsche Post letterbox


with return label via mailbox or parcel network
Online retailer prepares hey circle packaging for next use

Warehouse /

Online retailer prepares packaging for next use
Reusable shipping boxes and bags by  circle save CO2 emissions and waste. Our porfolio covers eight different options  (as of October 2023).

hey circle reusable shipping solutions

Our boxes and bogs circulate around 50 times between online retailer and customer. Compared to the use of single use packaging from cartons they reduce waste, CO₂ emissions and save ressoureces. Have a look at our offering. 

Our IT solution enables online retailers to easily implement reusable packaging in the webshop's check-out and enables many circulations by motivating quick returns.


Our customers have very different logistics challenges and many reasons to switch to reusable packaging. But once you have "taken the plunge", you never want to go back.


Read what experiences Austrian Post, Trigema, VIU, Steinemieten and Frank Dental have had with hey circle boxes and bags and which other companies use our sustainable solutions.


Do you want to join us on the reusable path and start avoiding waste and CO₂ now?

Then write to us!

Sales inquiries:
+49 159 04350473

Vier unterschiedlich große türkisfarbene Mehrweg-Versand-Boxen von hey circle sind aufeinandergestapelt und mit dem Schriftzug Reuse für Wiederverwenden versehen.


As a journalist, do you want to find out more about sustainable reusable shipping and reusable packaging? Are you interested in the founding story of hey circle?


Then please get in touch with Andrea

📧 📞 +49 15786801370

Do you know us from "Die Höhle der Löwen", from Focus Online, WirtschaftsWoche or Süddeutsche Zeitung? Have a closer look!

Doris Diebold reading hey circle article Artikel in Süddeutschen Zeitung
E-commerce companies and the environment benefit from packaging that is reused over and over again

On average, each of us receives 50 packages per year, with a total of 4.5 billion shipments from e-commerce in Germany alone. Christmas gifts, groceries, textbooks, children's clothing, electronics... The list is endless. And after unpacking, the single-use cardboard box ends up in the full paper bin.

hey circle offers an alternative: Founded in 2021 and on the market since 2022, we provide reusable packaging along with a robust IT and deposit system for online retailers. One reusable shipping package replaces many others!

The ecological life cycle assessment shows: With hey circle, you can save up to 94% of waste and 76% of CO2 emissions compared to the use of disposable packaging. This is because most emissions occur in the production of each newly manufactured disposable cardboard box. This exceeds the emissions generated during the circulation of the hey circle box - especially during return shipping and cleaning - by many times over.

An effective reusable system requires a return incentive – familiarly known as a "deposit". We recommend a downstream deposit that corresponds to the actual value of the packaging. Consumers only have to pay that deposit if the box or bag is not returned in time. This way, we achieve 98% returns and 50 cycles.


Online retailers can integrate reusability into the ordering process via a plugin. Consumers see the reusable option at checkout. The IT solution covers the whole deposit process (return reminders, invoicing by hey circle) as well as CO2 tracking.

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