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Customer stories

Discover how hey circle encourages customers to utilize reusable packaging for shipping.

Around 50 companies are already using reusable solutions from hey circle, or are conducting a pilot project with our shipping bags and boxes. In our reference stories about Trigema, VIU, the Austrian Post, Frank Dental, Elacin, Steinemieten, Faible & Failure, and itogation, you can learn more details.

This is what companies say about hey circle

Our customers are very satisfied with hey circle. Once you change, you don't want to go back. You reduce waste and the products always arrive neatly and with a high-quality appearance. The products fit our business model like a glove!

Prinoa Dental

Since we handle food, we have to be sure that the goods reach the customer the way they should - that's the case with hey circle boxes! Another important point for us is that the box is foldable and therefore fits in our warehouse to save space.

Liese Lose
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