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Waste-free Shipping: Drykorn Embraces Reusable Packaging in Intralogistics

Fashion label Drykorn is adopting hey circle's reusable shipping solution to reduce waste and cut CO2 emissions.

Mountains of disposable cardboard posed a logistical challenge for stores

Berlin-based fashion brand Drykorn operates two high-traffic shops and regularly supplies them with new merchandise. A side effect of these deliveries was the surplus shipping packaging, which posed a challenge for on-site staff in terms of storage and disposal—especially when paper container capacities were already depleted. The volume of waste was significant. Drykorn is also known for its efforts to minimize its environmental footprint, prompting the search for eco-friendly alternatives for transport packaging, focusing on waste-free shipping.

Unique intralogistics requirements influenced product selection:
  1. Transport needed to be flexible with standard courier services, thus lightweight and easily storable packaging was essential.

  2. Large quantities of clothing couldn't be transported in bags alone, so reusable shipping bags and boxes were sought as alternatives to large cardboard boxes.

  3. To protect the goods, the boxes needed to be sealable and resistant to dirt.

hey circle shipping boxes are easy for courier services to handle and can be reused many times over

Today, approximately 230 hey circle reusable shipping boxes and bags are in use for shipping to Drykorn's two Berlin stores and its branch in Lahr, as well as to logistics and other partners. Shipping is handled via UPS. For return shipments, the empty packaging is folded and bundled, ready for the next use. Some boxes have already been on the journey around 40 times. The hey circle shipping packaging is expected to replace around 50 disposable cardboard boxes during their lifecycle—but can, of course, be used even beyond that

Transitioning to a reusable shipping solution yields quickly measurable results

"The transparent CO2 balance tipped the scale for us in choosing hey circle as a provider," explains Drykorn's sustainability team. The hey circle XL boxes alone have already saved approximately 1.6 tons of waste and 1.75 tons of CO2 emissions.

"The handling of hey circle boxes is so smooth that there's really not much to say about it. Especially the boxes with self-standing sides are popular among our packers. The big sized packaging is used most frequently, so we can also consider using an even larger box," describes the CSR team regarding practical implementation.

"Drykorn was a customer from the beginning and placed early trust in us. We are in constant communication and are grateful for the feedback that we were able to incorporate into our product development early on. We are very pleased to support Drykorn in achieving their sustainability goals," says Doris Diebold, founder of hey circle.

 Doris Diebold is committed to wasteless shipping and invites e-commerce companies to join hey circle in embracing reusability.
Doris Diebold, Founder and CEO of hey circle

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