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Trigema tests reusable shipping with 200 boxes

TRIGEMA is one of the most well-known family businesses in Germany and is recognized for its sustainable practices. TRIGEMA uses 200 hey circle XL boxes between its production facility and test stores. By switching to reusable shipping packaging, the clothing manufacturer aims to reduce waste and save costs.

To replace single-use packaging in customer and internal shipping with a durable and ecological alternative, TRIGEMA initially deployed the reusable boxes from hey circle in its intralogistics operations. After the first month of the multi-stage testing phase, the number of boxes was doubled from 100 to 200.

Replacing numerous single-use shipping packages

Currently, 200 hey circle XL shipping boxes are in use between the headquarters and test stores to gather practical experience on the suitability of the reusable packaging. The boxes are designed for 50 cycles of use, eliminate the need for tape thanks to zippers, and can be sealed and secured with a seal and seal. The boxes are filled as usual and shipped via the carrier DPD. After the goods are removed, the boxes are folded flat, closed with surrounding zippers, and returned to the headquarters. This process saves large amounts of single-use cardboard boxes each week, reducing waste and CO2 emissions.


Requirements: durable, easy handling, sustainable

As the packages must withstand various delivery conditions, be durable, and protect the high-quality goods well, the logistics team consciously opted for plastic packaging.

"It is important to us that our high-quality products arrive savely and well-presented with the customer. However, we have no direct control over what happens on its way, so unfortunately there have been cases where partially torn or scratched packaging negatively affected the first impression and unboxing experience. In search of sustainable solutions that protect from weather conditions, conserve resources, save energy and waste, and are stable, we came across hey circle." (TRIGEMA)

Outlook: Further use cases might follow

After the test, reusable packaging can be used at additional stores and in B2B shipping from autumn onwards. The use of other sizes and reusable shipping bags is also possible.

"Our long-term goal is to offer our customers the opportunity to opt for an ecological alternative. Here too, we will strive for a testing phase to gain an overview of the actual interest from our customers in sustainable shipping materials." (TRIGEMA)

Parcel service provider sees big potential in the reusable shipping solution

"We were very pleased to be able to contribute our expertise as a long-standing logistics expert to this innovation ecosystem. Because one thing is clear: We believe in a comprehensive reusable concept in e-commerce," says DPD.

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200 boxes
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39 pilot stores
Fashion-Branche ist durch hohe Retourenquoten gut geeignet für Mehrweg-Versandverpackungen
Industry: Fashion

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Use reusable packaging from hey circle for your e-commerce shipments

Want to learn more about how sustainable shipping with hey circle reusable packaging works? Feel free to ask us for references from your industry. Let us know how many shipments you have per month, if you ship externally or internally and what you want to ship. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dominik is business development manager at hey circle and consults ecommerce and fashion companies about the utilization of reusable shipping boxes and bags.

Dominik Moers

Business Development

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Discover how hey circle encourages customers to utilize reusable packaging for shipping.

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