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itogation utilizes sustainable shipping boxes for employee onboarding

Onboarding equipment for remote employees

itogation is a software consultancy that provides tailored MS Dynamics strategies. The team of consultants works remotely and receives its complete onboarding package, including electronics and merchandise, in the robust hey circle shipping box.

Benefits of the shipping method:

  • The box can be folded flat and stored efficiently until products need to be exchanged or returned.

  • The boxes are shock-resistant and durable, effectively protecting electronics during transportation.

  • Equipped with a seal or adhesive seal, there is no unnoticed opening of the package.

  • The tension strap replaces cushioning material, and the zipper replaces adhesive tape, further reducing waste.

More information on itogation

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Use reusable packaging from hey circle for your e-commerce shipments

Want to learn more about how sustainable shipping with hey circle reusable packaging works? Feel free to ask us for references from your industry. Let us know how many shipments you have per month, if you ship externally or internally and what you want to ship. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dominik is business development manager at hey circle and consults ecommerce and fashion companies about the utilization of reusable shipping boxes and bags.

Dominik Moers

Business Development


Erfahre hier, wie hey circle Versand-Kund*innen die Mehrweg-Verpackungen einsetzen

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