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Frank Dental: Samples in reusable boxes

Frank Dental uses the robust, sealed hey circle reusable shipping box for its demos

Frank Dental is a family-owned company from the Bavarian town of Gmund am Tegernsee, which specializes in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of rotary instruments for dentists, dental laboratories and dental technicians. Regular and new customers can view the high-quality portfolio not only in the brochure, but will also be given samples for two weeks. The special tools remain in a closed circuit and are then returned to Frank Dental. In the past, the disposable cardboard boxes used for delivery created much waste. The family-owned company strives to use resources as sustainably as possible.


Optimized for logistics
Anja Frank, member of the management board and responsible for marketing and controlling, has therefore been looking for a solution for a long time that is sustainable and meets the demands of goods safety and pragmatism. Through her contact at DHL, she became aware of the robust "hey circle" reusable shipping solutions. 

"The folded up hey circle box is slightly thicker in storage than a conventional disposable box, this is due to the zipper and the folding. However, the box is easy to assemble and does not require any additional time. For example, you don't have to apply adhesive tape to the top and bottom first. So it's a pleasant handling." 


The address label can be removed from the foiled label holder for the next shipment without leaving any traces. Before shipping, each box is sealed to increase the security of the samples - this is important for transport insurance.


Impact immediately measurable
Each Frank Dental sample kit is shipped 12 times a year to dental laboratories, dental technicians, dentists, orthodontists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons. After about two weeks, they are returned and prepared for the next customer. The high circulation rate of the case and reusable box is good for the carbon footprint. Calculated over 50 circulations, the hey circle Box L saves 76% CO2 and 94% waste compared to the disposable box.


"For the beginning we use 50 L and 10 XL boxes, these are optimal for customers who order two or three different assortments for viewing. Considering our own growth, though, I would say we'll probably need more very soon."

Project on a view
Icon für wiederverwendbare hey circle Versandbox
60 boxes (L, XL)
Icon für Herz
1 reusable box replaces 12 disposable boxes per year
Icon für Dentaltechnik
Industry: dental 
Icon für CO2-Emissionen
573 kg CO2 emissions saved
Icon für Abfall oder Abfallersparnis
726 kg waste reduced

* Rental period 24 months. Life cycle assessment created by environmental consultancy Ökopol for hey circle bag M and hey circle box L. Other sizes extrapolated from raw data. Lifetime of the packaging 50 cycles. 

More information on Frank Dental

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Want to learn more about how sustainable shipping with hey circle reusable packaging works? Feel free to ask us for references from your industry. Let us know how many shipments you have per month, if you ship externally or internally and what you want to ship. We look forward to hearing from you!

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