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Second Closing: hey circle increases funding to 2 Mill. Euros to grow sustainable shipping offering

Gründerin des Green Startups hey circle vor Regal mit Produkten
Doris Diebold, Founde & CEO hey circle

We are pleased to announce the increase of our capital by 500,000 Euros to a total of 2 million Euros! Just three months ago, we closed our seed funding round,

and now a second closing has taken place. The current financing includes both existing investors such as Capacura and Gateway, as well as new business angels.

"We are very excited that additional partners want to join us on our reusable path," says Doris Diebold (pictured), founder and CEO of hey circle.

"More and more investors are focusing on impact startups that contribute to the climate. In our case, waste reduction is a very tangible issue for both consumers and investors. They see the potential for hey circle's reusable shipping solution."

hey circle Scales Production and Develops Portfolio

The fresh capital will be used to expand the IT and sales teams and scale production. With the first part of the funding round, hey circle was already able to place a larger production order for the shipping boxes, which will be delivered in summer 2024. The well-known boxes, available in five different sizes, will receive a number of design adjustments to better meet the needs of customers and logistics. Additionally, a new XXL box will be launched this year. Pre-orders for all products are already possible.

The current eco-balance – up to 94% less waste and about three-quarters less CO2 emissions when using the reusable shipping box – will be further improved by the use of recycled materials. The product design has been continuously optimized based on the conditions in logistics centers and the results of stress tests.

Reusable Sustainable Shipping Packaging Beneftis of Many Cycles

"The bags and boxes that can be used over and over again are one part of the hey circle solution for sustainable shipping. We also support online retailers with the complete integration of the reusable offer into their online shop, ensure that the packaging is returned, and track the CO2 savings," says Morris Kurz, CTO responsible for the technical side of the reusable offering.

Insgesamt acht türkisfarbene Versandtaschen und Boxen aus Kunststoff
hey circle reusable bags and boxes are more sustainable than single use packaging

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