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GLS Germany and hey circle partner up for green shipping

As part of a sales cooperation, GLS business customers receive information about hey circle's reusable shipping options as an alternative to disposable cardboard boxes.

GLS Germany and hey circle enter into a strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to inform GLS customers specifically about hey circle's reusable shipping options and thus create an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional disposable cardboard boxes.

Drei Mehrweg-Verpackungen von hey circle liegen auf einem Paket-Transportband, dahinter ein Transporter von GLS Germany
GLS Germany adds hey circle's complete packaging range to its portfolio

Parcel service GLS Germany tested sustainable hey circle products

The reusable shipping boxes and reusable shipping bags from hey circle have been thoroughly tested at GLS. The result: they are just as easy to handle as conventional parcel boxes. The products from hey circle not only meet the GLS requirements, but stand out due to their compatibility with conveyor belts, low maintenance, resistance to water and dirt and their suitability for semi-automated warehouses.

Reusable shipping packaging in many sizes and with transparent costs

  • The costs for shipping via the GLS network are identical for single-use and reusable packaging.

  • The monthly rental costs for reusable packaging are comparable to the purchase price of a newly produced disposable carton.

The following reusable shipping boxes and shipping bags from hey circle are delivered to the customer via GLS.

  • hey circle bag S, M, L (7,800-24,400 cm² volume)

  • hey circle box XS, M, L, XL (up to 45,400 cm² volume)

  • Further sizes are already in development or can be produced on request.

Additional information avaialable at

The durable shipping boxes are suitable for all shipping scenarios

As Senior Manager Product Management, Tasja Werle is in charge of the project on the GLS side: “Sustainability has been at the heart of our DNA for many years and has long been part of our everyday practice. We are therefore all the more pleased about the partnership with hey circle, which allows us to add an innovative service to our product portfolio by including reusable packaging. Together we are saving resources and spreading the concept of advanced shipping solutions”

“We are delighted about the partnership with GLS! Together, we are committed to sustainable parcel shipping and reducing waste and CO2 emissions with every delivery. We want to make it easy for companies to participate in our reusable shipping solutions in order to achieve the greatest possible impact,” summarizes Doris Diebold, Founder and CEO of hey circle. “The joint approach is important in order to scale the solution; the cooperation with GLS fits in well with our growth strategy.”

hey circle bags and boxes are more versatile than conventional cardboard boxes

  • Reuse and recycling

    • Can be reused at least 100 times (approx. 50 cycles)

    • Recycling in PP and PET after end of life

    • Up to 76% less CO2 emissions and 94% less waste with 50 cycles*

  • Lightweight and robust:

    • Inner layers in honeycomb structure for lightness and robustness

    • Integrated zipper, no adhesive tape required

    • Residue-free removal of labels

    • Reprocessing of slightly damaged products

  • Perfect fit:

    • Retaining straps and eight different sizes for optimum fit

    • No air shipping, less padding material required

Over 4.5 billion parcels are sent in Germany every year, mainly in disposable cardboard boxes

One reusable packaging unit replaces up to 50 single-use packaging units. How many pieces of reusable packaging companies need to have in stock simultaneously varies from case to case. The number depends, for example, on the absolute number of shipments, the proportion of end customers who opt for reusable packaging, how long the return periods are and what buffers are planned in the warehouse. Customer advisors at GLS and hey circle can help you determine your exact requirements.



* Reusing packaging reduces CO2 emissions and waste

The independent environmental consultancy Ökopol has calculated the potential CO2 savings in 2023. Among other things, the popular hey circle Box L was tested against a disposable box of the same size with 80% recycled content. Empty returns and production in Asia are taken into account here. hey circle itself applies strict criteria for the calculation: For example, no cardboard boxes are used for comparison in the life cycle assessment of the mailing bags, only disposable plastic and paper mailing bags. The conversion of production to recyclate in summer 2024 will further improve the eco-balance of hey circle products.

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